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mosseisley's Journal

Eisley Community
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This is just another livejournal community. So, hey, all MossEisley (now officially known as Eisley) fans, come on down! Everyone is welcome! :-D

from mosseisley.com, in the spirit of this communities name:
by entering you agree to be redirected to eisley.com and completely comply with all Eisleyan Monarchial rules and regulations listed under our vaulted document #39348927KILLERBUGS093828 and agree to comply with the statutes of TexEisley law which inexplicably states that any person or persons or organisms posing as a person, persons or organisms may be redirected without written consent or randomly eaten by our bio-altered, mandible-laden, exoskeleton encased BUG-TROLLS - who, at any moment could strike you with their sawtoothed forearm and chew your thorax.